Financing Options for Dental Treatment

No time is ever a good time to hear the words from the dentist “well we need to put a crown on that tooth to save it,” but when you do, it’s good to know that there are options.  At Advanced Dental Health, we offer several different payment options and we like to say we have an option that makes it possible for everyone to be able to get the dental treatment that is needed to keep you healthy.

Looking for an Interest-Free Monthly Payment

Would it be easier to get that crown done if you could make a monthly payment with no money down?  Advanced Dental Health offers financing through Care Credit.  Care Credit is like a healthcare credit card and can only be used in places like dental offices, oral surgeons, chiropractors, veterinarians and more but can’t be used in places you normally shop at like grocery stores, restaurants and gas stations. 

With Care Credit financing, we offer interest free monthly payments as well as extended financing options that have interest charges but offers a lower monthly payment option if the amount of your monthly payment is more important than having an interest free monthly payment.  We are always more than willing to help you see if you qualify for Care Credit in our office, but you can also apply online by using their website at  We can help you by storing your account information in your family file in our office so that it makes it more convenient for you to use for your dental treatment.

Options for People with Credit Problems

Everyone has those moments in their life when things just don’t work out how we want them to and one of those things that may suffer along the way is your credit score.  While Care Credit financing determines your eligibility by looking at your credit score, we also utilize a program called Simple Pay Financing that is a non-credit based program that still offers interest free monthly payments. 

With Simple Pay, they determine how “stable” you are.  Have you moved around a lot, have you changed jobs a lot, have you changed your cell phone a lot?  If your answer is no, they will put you in the “stable” category and then if you choose to finance with Simple Pay, your down payment will be 15% of the amount of your dental treatment.  If you are not “stable”, you can still get interest-free financing but your down payment will be 30%.  Then you will continue to make interest-free monthly payments until your dental treatment is paid off but you will be able to get your treatment done now instead of having to save money until you can get your treatment done. 

In-House Financing

We also offer an in-house interest-free financing option where you can pay half of your treatment amount down at the time you reserve your appointment and then the other half would be due on the day of your appointment.  This gives you the option to help us be a savings account for you so you can do your treatment when your finances allow.

If you have any questions about financing options, you can give our office a call at 480-783-7192 and just ask for me, my job is to help you figure out a way to get you the dental treatment you need with what works for your finances!

Shelly Hasch, Office Manager

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Financing Options for Dental Treatment