Restoring Missing Teeth - Broken Tooth Syndrome in Phoenix


Have you ever broken a tooth? Perhaps, if you were lucky, it was a small chip or break that could be easily repaired. Unfortunately, it could have been a significant enough break to have split the entire tooth or to have damaged so much of the tooth that there was no longer enough tooth structure left to fix it with success. This scenario would require the tooth to be extracted to relieve the pain and/or to maintain the health of the surrounding tissue. 

Improved Oral Health Through Education

Although the enamel found on our teeth is the hardest substance in our bodies, broken teeth are becoming more and more common in our society today. There are a variety of circumstances that can contribute to this occurrence and many of them can be avoided with the proper knowledge and action. Dr. Holton and his team want to help you save your natural teeth and keep them healthy for your lifetime.  Our goal is always to help educate our patients in ways they can partner with us to achieve this result.

Orthodontics to Protect Teeth

Our jaws produce an amazing amount of force when we chew or bite and our healthy teeth are normally able to withstand this consistent use if the impact is properly distributed. In other words, it is important that our teeth are positioned within our mouths so that they line up evenly and in such a way that our bite does not pound on one specific area as we eat. This is what we are trying to attain when we converse with our patients about orthodontics helping with function. The cosmetic improvement often achieved by braces is secondary to the improved function it provides.

Missing Teeth is a Critical Problem

Another crucial factor is missing teeth. Sometimes a tooth is damaged to the point that the only option is extraction and sometimes a tooth is knocked out from some kind of trauma. Regardless of the reason, a lost tooth creates undue pressure on the remaining teeth. Over time, this overload often results in surrounding or opposing teeth to become fractured. As noted above, sometimes these fractures are so severe the tooth cannot be saved and must also be extracted. As you can see, this can create a domino effect that can be devastating your oral health. One lost tooth can easily lead to two, then three and so on.

Super Eruption is Not So Super!

One other fact to consider when deciding about replacing a lost tooth is a phenomenon known as super eruption. Our teeth are designed for the upper and lower teeth to work together to allow us to chew. If one tooth is missing and the opposing tooth has nothing to connect with when you chew, it begins searching for it's partner. When it cannot find the opposing tooth it eventually extracts itself in the process. 

What Can Be Done to Help?

Restoring an area of your mouth where you have lost a tooth is vitally important to the long term health of your mouth. The best choice for replacing a single lost tooth is often a dental implant. This treatment is highly successful and gives you back a more even, well distributed bite, protecting the surrounding teeth from overload. In certain situations, a bridge is sometimes another option and will also provide you with a more even bite. Each patient’s needs are unique and Dr. Holton looks at many variables in determining the best treatment options for the individual. One common factor for everyone is addressing a missing tooth problem as soon as possible provides the best oral health outcome.

If you have a missing tooth, contact us today so Dr. Todd Holton and his highly trained team can assist you in getting the treatment you need and your smile deserves.


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Restoring Missing Teeth - Broken Tooth Syndrome in Phoenix