CEREC crown Phoenix - CEREC - A New Crown in Just One Day

At Advanced Dental Health we go to great lengths to incorporate technology into our practice when we truly believe that it provides a benefit to our Phoenix patients.  We like to give new products time to prove they will deliver concrete results to our patients.  As with most industries new dental technologies are introduced to the market at a dizzying pace - usually coupled with a hefty price tag.  Rather than immediately investing in any new advancement and passing the cost on to our patients we research and independently verify each technology before adding them to our practice.  This careful approach protects our patients and ensures that we are always delivering the best care possible.


Proven Technology

CEREC is an example of a technology that has passed our rigorous evaluation process.  When CEREC was first introduced, it was not capable of supporting the best materials for crowns - materials which Dr. Holton prefers to use.  Additionally, the supporting software did not meet Dr. Holton's exacting standards for crown design specifications.  Over the years improvements have been made and more than 25 years after CEREC's introduction to the marketplace the product finally meets the high standards Dr. Holton demands for his patients.  As a result, CEREC was introduced to our practice in 2012.  Committed to getting the most out of CEREC, Dr. Holton and his assistants immediately completed advanced training courses in order to obtain the best possible results from the CEREC system.  

Same Day Crowns

CEREC technology gives Dr. Holton the ability to create a crown for a patient in one visit thereby eliminating the need for a temporary crown.  This eliminates any possibility of losing a temporary crown at an inopportune time.  There is no need for one or more follow-up appointments in order to seat the permanent crown.  Everything is done on the same day eliminating the need for additional time away from other commitments in your life.  Most importantly, Dr. Holton has complete control over the entire process which allows him to design the best possible fit for your mouth.  Learn more about dental crowns. 

Contact Us

If you think you may need a new crown or cap on one or more teeth, please give our office a call or contact us to see if CEREC is the right treatment plan for you.


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CEREC crown Phoenix - CEREC - A New Crown in Just One Day