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A healthy smile is a beautiful smile. Smiles with missing, broken, decayed, or otherwise damaged teeth can impact your health and confidence. Restorative dentistry can return your smile to its former health and beauty so you'll have a smile you'll want to show off. There are many treatments available for restoring oral health and appearance. The following are just some of the most popular treatments provided by Phoenix cosmetic dentist Todd Holton, DMD. To find out which treatments are right for you, we welcome you to contact Dr. Holton and he will formulate a treatment plan just for you.

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Old, unsightly metal fillings can be an embarrassing eyesore and can even damage teeth! Metal fillings are prone to expanding and contracting with temperature changes, which can fracture already vulnerable teeth and lead to further tooth decay. Fortunately, old metal fillings can be replaced with safer, more appealing tooth-colored fillings for a restored, natural looking smile. Even new cavities can be treated with tooth-colored fillings to create a flawless look.

Direct Resin Bonding

Small chips can leave the teeth vulnerable to dental decay so they should be treated at the first signs of damage. Direct resin bonding uses durable tooth-colored materials to repair damage like small cracks and chips to restore the appearance of the teeth and prevent decay. Dental bonding treatment can also be used to replace unsightly metal fillings or repair newer cavities.

Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are another option in restorative dentistry to improve the look and strength of damaged or decayed teeth and save the tooth from requiring extraction. Dental crowns are tooth-shaped restorations that fit over the tooth to restore look and function. Of course, crowns are beneficial for broken teeth but they are also useful for protecting teeth weakened by large fillings. Dr. Holton uses CEREC® technology to create crowns in-office so you can receive complete crown treatment in a single visit.

Dental Implants

Dental implants offer a permanent solution to replacing missing teeth and can be used to replace one or more teeth. Dental implants are titanium, screw-like posts, which are surgically placed within the jaw. As the jaw heals around the metal post, a permanent bond is formed, much like the bond between your jaw and natural tooth root. Once fully healed, a dental restoration will be attached to complete the treatment process. Dental restorations include dental crowns for individual tooth replacement, implant-supported bridges for multiple tooth replacement, and implant-supported dentures for full tooth replacement.

Implant-Supported Dentures

For those who either already wear dentures or require dentures, implant-supported dentures are a great treatment option. Implant-supported dentures are a great improvement over traditional removable dentures by eliminating the need for messy adhesives and the risk of denture slipping and sliding. Two to six dental implants are used to attach the implant-supported dentures, allowing a secure, anchored fit. Implant-supported dentures won't move or slide while you eat and speak so you can live in comfort and confidence.

Learn More about Your Treatment Options

Whether you're interested in replacing old metal fillings or suffer from more extensive dental problems, there are many other treatment options available to restore the health and appearance of your smile. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Holton to learn more about your treatment options.


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