IV sedation is Now Offered at Advanced Dental Health in Phoenix

IV sedation can be used for many common procedures such as wisdom teeth extractions or day to day procedures like cleanings, crowns dental implants and more.   Fear of the dentist is a very common thing that we hear in the office.  There isn’t a week that goes by that someone doesn’t mention to me that they either haven’t been to the dentist in years because they just don’t like coming to see the dentist, or they are putting off needed dental treatment due to their fears.  Advanced Dental Health has formed a partnership with Dr. Heath Snell, a highly respected dentist in the Valley that performs IV sedation for patients in the comfort of their own dental office.  We feel that offering IV sedation it will help decrease some fears of our patients by getting to stay in our office for sedation for any dental procedures that can be performed by Dr. Snell, as well Dr. Todd Holton.

What is IV Sedation Denistry?

IV Sedation is a moderate type of sedation. During sedation dentistry, an IV is used to administer medication much like when patients are in the hospital.  Patients feel very sleepy throughout the procedure and are alert enough to do things like open their mouths when needed, or communicate with the dentist during the procedure.  They go in and out of a “sleepy” state of mind but are very comfortable during the procedure.  Sedation dentistry, however, it is unlike the when you are in the hospital for a surgery where the patient is completely asleep and unaware of what is going on. 

What are the Benefits of IV Sedation?

IV sedation eases dental fears, enhances comfort, and prevents pain during dental care. With IV sedation, a patient can undergo dental treatments that will enhance their oral health and prevent more serious dental complications from developing.

Sedation for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

One of the most common procedures where IV sedation is used is for wisdom teeth extractions.  Advanced Dental Health has recently invested in some new technology to assist in looking at the wisdom teeth to see where they are in the growth stage, if the patient needs to have them removed or if they have enough room in their mouth to keep them.  We recently purchased a new panoramic machine to have in-house.  Before, we would have to send the patient to an x-ray center and have the films emailed to us, now we can take the panoramic film while the patient is in the office for their routine dental exam.  The panoramic machine will also be used to help the doctors see images of the teeth for other procedures like orthodontics, dental implants and more.

IV Sedation Candidates

Any dental procedure performed at Advanced Dental Health is done with the highest degree of care and comfort in mind. We use advanced techniques and local anesthetic to prevent pain and enhance comfort for our patients. However, we realize that some patients need a little more care when it comes to maintaining comfort and relaxation. Those patients who may be ideal candidates for IV sedation include:

       *  People with high dental anxiety
       *  Individuals who are delaying necessary dental treatment out of fear
       *  Those who are not typically as responsive to local anesthetic
       *  Patients with a severe gag reflex
       *  People who have physical limitations, including back and neck problems or chronic jaw soreness
       * Patients who are in need of extensive dental work, or those undergoing multiple dental treatments in a single sitting

IV sedation is a safe procedure that is performed under expert supervision. However, aside from these qualifications, it is important that any IV sedation patient is in good overall health and free of any problems that may lead to complications.

Schedule an Appointment

If you have been putting off dental treatment out of a fear of pain or general discomfort, you may be an ideal candidate for IV sedation. To learn more about IV sedation and how it can enhance the comfort of your dental care, schedule an appointment to come in and talk with me, or with one of our experienced dentists at Advanced Dental Health at your earliest convenience.


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IV sedation is Now Offered at Advanced Dental Health in Phoenix