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Dental anxiety is a very real problem for a high percentage of the population. Some people have experienced some form of dental trauma or pain with a previous procedure resulting in an obvious reason for fear. Sometimes, there is no explanation for the anxiety that the patient can remember, however, it is still very real and can cause patients to neglect dental care for extended periods of time. It is not uncommon for people with high dental anxiety to go for years or decades without treatment even if they are experiencing significant pain. It is often our most anxious patients who ask for sedation dentistry, however, we do have some patients that ordinarily do not have dental anxiety but may need some help for a certain type of procedure or specific time in their life.


Although we do not offer sleep dentistry, we do offer sedation dentistry. The difference is that in sleep dentistry you are actually given medication through an IV that puts you into a “twilight” sleep state. When you awaken, you have no memory of what happened while you were sleeping. With sedation dentistry, we prescribe you a sedative that you take according to the directions provided. You are awake throughout the procedure, but much more relaxed than you are normally. You will need to have a driver bring you to the appointment and take you home from your appointment and you should plan on taking it easy or sleeping most of the day after your appointment. The medication we typically prescribe is quite safe and we have had great success with patients that need a little help in overcoming their fear to receive the treatment they need. Of course, we must review your complete medical history to determine if this approach is safe for you.

A relaxing environment

In addition to offering you sedation dentistry, we strive to make every interaction you have with every member of our office pleasant and comforting. We understand that overcoming anxiety is a big challenge for some people and we truly want what is best for you. We are aware that some patients are more comfortable with detailed information while some like to know as little as possible. We try to tailor our approach to meet your needs while still ensuring that you are able to make informed decisions regarding your dental health. Your trust is something we must earn and, once given, is something we highly value. We never judge those that have delayed treatment due to anxiety or circumstance and work to discover where you are with your level of comfort in a dental office so we can meet you there. Open and honest communication is essential for us to serve you well and for you to feel comfortable with your decisions. Your choice to let us serve your dental needs is a privilege and we know you have many choices available to you. We ask that you treat us with the same dignity and respect that we show you so we are able to work effectively as your dental health advocate. Call us today to schedule an appointment, even if it has been quite a while since you have visited the dentist!


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Dental Anxiety, Sedation Denistry - Sedation Dentistry