Dental Bonding

Enhance Your Smile with Dental Bonding

As highly trained dental professionals, Advanced Dental Health uses a variety of techniques to enhance the aesthetics of their patients’ smiles. One of the most versatile of these procedures is dental bonding. At Advanced Dental Health, located in Phoenix, AZ, we offer this treatment as a conservative way to cover minor cosmetic flaws. Chips, cracks, gaps, and discoloration can all easily be concealed with bonding. We can even refine the size or shape of a tooth to enhance the symmetry of your smile.

Candidates For Dental Bonding

Dental bonding, or direct resin bonding, is a cosmetic treatment that can refine the aesthetics of your smile, treating a variety of issues such as:

  • Small breaks, chips, and cracks

  • Major discoloration that does not respond to teeth whitening

  • Gaps between teeth

  • Disproportionate or irregularly shaped teeth

​​​​​​​In order to be a candidate for bonding, patients should have good oral health. If your teeth have damage requiring restorative procedures, or if your gums have infection requiring periodontal care, these issues should be taken care of prior to receiving dental bonding.
Dental bonding is best for areas of low bite pressure such as the front teeth. We will carefully examine the type and location of aesthetic concerns you wish to address. In some cases, we may recommend a dental crown or a porcelain veneer instead of bonding to ensure that your treatment will be successful.

Bonding Procedure

The bonding procedure requires no anesthesia, and takes approximately 30 minutes to one hour for each tooth. Using a shade guide, we will select a color of composite resin to match your teeth. Your tooth will be cleaned and the surface will be very lightly etched and coated with a conditioning liquid to ensure a strong bond with the resin. Next, we will apply the composite material to the treatment area. With a putty-like consistency, the resin can be skillfully sculpted to match the shape of your surrounding teeth, and conceal flaws. We will then use a special curing light to harden the resin, and bond the material to the tooth. Finally, we will make any necessary adjustments and polish your tooth and the bonding sight for a natural-looking sheen.

Benefits Of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding is a simple, straightforward solution to correcting cosmetic flaws in your visible teeth. In addition, bonding:

  • Can dramatically improve the aesthetics of your smile

  • Does not require the removal of any of the natural tooth structure

  • Is more affordable than crowns or veneers

  • Does not require temporaries, or a wait for the lab to fabricate a restoration

  • Can last for years with good care

Dental bonding, does not require the removal of any of the natural tooth structure, is minimally invasive, and more affordable than other cosmetic treatments.

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